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Don’t Forget your 4-H Participant Health Forms! Click Here to download it now! Must provide a form to stay in the dorm.

2024 Animal Health Requirements. If you have questions, please contact the Massachusetts Division of Animal Health at 617-626-1795.
4-H Photo Release Form - must be complete by each participant for September.

Below is the information that is included in each packet. Entry forms must be fully completed. Please contact your state extension office or click here to locate your state 4-H office.

Parade Application Open- Due June 28, 2024
Click Here For Youth Working Steer
4-H New England Center Page
Fire Regulation

4-H Beef

4-H Dairy

4-H Dairy Goat

4-H Dog

4-H Dog Packet 2024
4-H Dog Schedule
4-H Dog Online Entry
2023 Animal Health Requirements
Participant Health Form- Must provide a form to stay in the dorm

2024 4-H Dog Study Guides- Dog Knowledge Event questions will be as follows:

AKC Toy Breeds- original purpose, country of origin, interesting facts, identification ● OFA CHIC rules & requirements for AKC Toy Breeds ● First aid, especially related to Toy Breeds (For example: Cardiac, orthopedic, eyes, gastric dilation-volvulus, bleeding, etc.) ●External and internal parasites● General dog care ● Emergency Preparedness ● Big E rules and regulations.

Format: ● 50% of the questions for Dog Knowledge Event will be done as a take home, open book test and will be submitted before the in-person ESE Dog Activity Event ● 50% of the questions will be done in-person without the aid of resources being available. No more than half of these questions will be visuals.

2024 Dog Knowledge & Quiz Bowl Resource List:

  • 4-H Dog Project Manual BBURCH 1128 - 4H Dog Manual Updates 1-22# (
  • A Fear-less Approach A Fear-less Approach to Understanding Dogs, Their Care and Training – Shop 4-H AKC Toy Group: Breed standards & Club Fliers for breeds being studied, found on American Kennel Club Website:
  • The American Kennel Club Dog Care and Training by American Kennel Club
  • AKC Complete Dog Book; by American Kennel Club
  • Meet the Breeds: A Guide to More Than 200 AKC Breeds by American Kennel Club
  • Essential First Aid for Dog Owners by Lorrie Boldrick DVM (available at Campion website: (book)
  • AKC Canine Citizen, by Mary R. Burch, PhD (ISBN:978-1-59378-644-1) (Book)
  • Dog Resource Handbook by (OSU Extension) 4-H Dog Resource Handbook – Shop 4-H
  • Canine Terminology by Harold Spira (ISBN: 9781929242016)
  • ESE 4-H Dog Activity General Rules and Regulations (in the Entry packet)
  • OFA CHIC Certification Program:

4-H Horse

4-H Sheep

2023 4-H Sheep Exhibitors
2024 4-H Sheep Packet
2024 4-H Sheep Schedule
4-H Sheep Online Entry Steps
4-H Sheep Online Entry (Required for Entry)
2024 Animal Health Requirements
Participant Health Form- Must provide a form to stay in the dorm.

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