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Landscape Exhibits


2022 - Aquascape

2023 - "Down on the Farm"
2024 - Harvest Time

Please note: future themes are subject to change at the November FFA Planning committee meeting.

Eligiblity & Rules

The FFA Landscape Exhibits will be in place from 10 a.m. on the first day of the Exposition until it closes on the last Sunday. Awards will be given for this contest.Please be aware that during the Exposition vehicles will not be allowed on the grounds until 9:30 p.m. and must be off the grounds before 10 a.m.

Space will be provided for five (5) exhibits, limited to one (1) per state. If five (5) states have not registered by the registration date, states may enter additional exhibits based upon space available and date of entry.

The space provided for landscape exhibits inside Farm-A- Rama will be approximately 15 feet across the front and 10 feet deep, however, you should be prepared to make minor adjustments due to variation in building materials necessary for framing sites. A 6-foot high solid fence will be provided at the rear and sides. Materials to build outside curbing, and wood chips will be available if requested in advance of set up.

NO FFA Banner should be displayed within the exhibit, a sign will be supplied by Eastern States Exposition. A landscape drawing, 22″x 18″ (Covered with clear plastic or painted to protect from water), which identifies plant materials in the exhibit, shall be erected in the left front corner of the exhibit. This drawing should also have nothing included on it that identifies the school or chapter. Anything which identifies the school other than the sign supplied by the Eastern States Exposition will result in a deduction of points from the total score.

Front viewing of the exhibit shall be the primary objective. The rear of the exhibit shall be a wall, which must have at least 6 feet covered; but there is no limit to height that may be used. A source of 110volt electrical power will be available at each exhibit and lighting effects shall be the responsibility of the chapter constructing the exhibit. Electrical equipment such as pumps should be of a type that will operate seventeen days.

No less than five types of live plant materials will be used and they shall be of a type and condition (balled or potted) which will stand-up for seventeen days. Replacement of materials to freshen up the exhibit on the second Friday or Monday of the Exposition is mandatory. A Farm-A-Rama work crew will water and care for exhibits each day.

Exhibits will be judged at 10 a.m. on the first day of the Exposition. Money awards will be withheld until the conclusion of the Exposition. If The Big E purchases material to freshen up an exhibit, the cost will be deducted from the award.

To insure fairness, each exhibit will be assigned a display spot by random drawing. A master copy of assigned spots will be available in the Farm-A-Rama office.

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