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Big stuff. Small stuff. Stuff you need. And stuff you never even knew you wanted.

Where else can you go home with a set of steak knives, a hot tub, a chamois, a tractor, and a sweater made from authentic Alpaca fur? Only at The Big E.

In addition to our dozens and dozens of outdoor vendors hawking everything from cowboy hats to wood carvings to outdoor sheds, be sure to visit these buildings to find that special treasure to bring home with you:

The Better Living Center: As Seen on TV merchandise, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, massage chairs, housewares, appliances, and some of the best product demos you could imagine.

Craft Common: Pottery, jewelry, stained glass, collectibles, ornament, and more.

The Young Building: Items from around the world. Browse through some of the most beautiful and fascinating items from Thailand, China, India, Russia, Ireland, Cambodia, and much more.


Storrowton Village Gift Shop: Gifts, collectibles, and great finds for the early Christmas shopper.

Yankee Candle Shop: A complete line of Yankee Candle products, in the Grange Building.

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