2015 Cheese Competition Results

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2015 Cheese Competition Results

Best In Show: Farmstead, Aged Sheep’s Milk Cheese,Sankow’s Beaver Brook Farm, Lyme, Connecticut

Reserve Best In Show: Willoughby, Wash Rind Cheese,Cellars at Jasper Hill, Greensboro, Vermont

Class 1 Cheddar- Aged up to 12 Months

Award Fancy NameCreamery
SilverCabot White Oak CheddarCabot Creamery Cooperative
SilverBillings Sweet CheddarBillings Farm
BronzeCabot Extra-Sharp CheddarCabot Creamery Cooperative
BronzeVermont Clothbound CheddarGrafton Village Cheese Company

Class 2 Cheddar- Over 12 Months

AwardFancy NameCreamery
GoldClothbound CheddarShelburne Farms
GoldCabot Clothbound CheddarCellars at Jasper Hill
GoldQueen Of Quality Clothbound CheddarGrafton Village Cheese Company
Silver2 Year CheddarGrafton Village Cheese Company
Bronze2 Year Old CheddarShelburne Farms
Bronze2 Year Old CheddarContoocook Creamery
Bronze3 Year Old CheddarShelburne Farms
BronzeExtra Mature CheddarGrafton Village Cheese Company

Class 3 Colby, Montery Jack, Brick, Munster

AwardFancy NameCreamery
BronzeVermont Artisan GoudaShadagee Farmstead
BronzeEast MeadowPlymouth Artisan Cheese

Class 5 Italian Style Cheeses

AwardFancy NameCreamery
Bronze MascarponeVermont Creamery
BronzeMozzarellaArethusa Farm Dairy

Class 6 Blue Veined Cheeses

AwardFancy NameCreamery
SilverBayley Hazen BlueCellars at Jasper Hill
SilverMad River BlueSebastion Von Trapp
BronzeArethusa BlueArethusa Farm Dairy
BronzeBig BluePlymouth Artisan Cheese
BronzeRed, White & BluePlymouth Artisan Cheese

Class 7 Flavored Soft Spreads

AwardFancy NameCreamery
GoldBlueberry Lemon Goat CheeseReynolds Barn
BronzeSmith’s Farmstead Gouda with Bacon SpreadSmith’s Country Cheese Inc
BronzeSmith’s Farmstead Fiesta Gouda SpreadSmith’s Country Cheese Inc

Class 8 Flavored Soft Cheese

AwardFancy NameCreamery
BronzeFlavored Soft (Cow Cheese)Sweet Pea Cheese
BronzeFresh Goat Cheese Cranberry Orange & CinnamonVermont Creamery
BronzeFlavored Chevre (Goat Cheese)Sweet Pea Cheese
BronzeLea’s Great MeadowRuggles Hill
BronzeCrumbled Goat Cheese Cranberry & TarragonVermont Creamery

Class 9 Flavored Semi-Soft Cheese

AwardFancy NameCreamery
BronzeChipotle Queso BlancoUniversity of Connecticut
BronzePappa’s Peppadew Bill Papa Cheese (soft goat)Reynolds Barn

Class 10 Flavored Hard Cheese

AwardFancy NameCreamery
GoldPepper ReadingSpring Brook Farm
GoldGarlic PeppercornPlymouth Artisan Cheese
SilverSage & HerbPlymouth Artisan Cheese
SilverVermont LeydenGrafton Village Cheese Company
SilverHot PepperPlymouth Artisan Cheese
BronzeTruffle CheddarGrafton Village Cheese Company
BronzeCabot Tuscan CheddarCabot Creamery Cooperative
BronzeCabot Everything BagelCabot Creamery Cooperative
BronzeSmith’s Farmstead Gouda with FenugreekSmith’s Country Cheese Inc
BronzeSmith’s Farmstead Leyden with CuminSmith’s Country Cheese Inc
BronzeSmith’s Farmstead Gouda with ChipotleSmith’s Country Cheese Inc
BronzeSmith’s Farmstead Gouda with Sundried Tomato & BasilSmith’s Country Cheese Inc

Class 11 Wash Rind/ Smear Ripened Cheese

AwardFancy NameCreamery
GoldWilloughbyCellars at Jasper Hill
GoldEleven BrothersBoston Post Dairy LLC
SilverPalletConsider Bardwell Farm
SilverOma from Von Trapp FarmsteadCellars at Jasper Hill
SilverHardwick StoneRobinson Farm
BronzeAshbrookSpring Brook Farm
BronzeReadingSpring Brook Farm
BronzeDorsetConsider Bardwell Farm
BronzeGrace’s ChoicePlymouth Artisan Cheese

Class 12 Soft Cheese

AwardFancy NameCreamery
GoldQuarkVermont Creamery
SilverChevreVermont Creamery
SilverPlain Chevre (Goat Cheese)Sweet Pea Cheese
BronzeFresh CrottinVermont Creamery

Class 13 Soft Spread

AwardFancy NameCreamery
SilverSpreadable Goat Cheese ClassicVermont Creamery
SilverAdeliscaCouet Farm & Fromagerie

Class 14 Smoked Cheeses

AwardFancy NameCreamery
SilverMaple Smoked CheddarGrafton Village Cheese Company
BronzeSmoked CheesePlymouth Artisan Cheese
BronzeSmoked Feta (Cherry Wood Smoked)Smith’s Country Cheese Inc
BronzeMaple Smoked CheddarContoocook Creamery
BronzeSmith’s Farmstead Smoked GoudaSmith’s Country Cheese Inc
BronzeSmith’s Farmstead Smoked CheddarSmith’s Country Cheese Inc
BronzeSmoked Chilli CheddarGrafton Village Cheese Company

Class 15 Feta

AwardFancy NameCreamery
SilverFetaVermont Creamery
BronzeWhole Milk FetaMaplebrook Farm

Class 17 Alpine Style

AwardFancy NameCreamery
SilverSavageSebastion Von Trapp
SilverCabot Alpine CheddarCabot Creamery Cooperative
SilverTarebtaiseSpring Brook Farm
SilverAlpha TolmanCellars at Jasper Hill
SilverGiseleBoston Post Dairy LLC
BronzeChin ClipMt. Mansfield Creamery
BronzeTekenink TommeRobinson Farm

Class 18 Mold Ripened Cheeses

AwardFancy NameCreamery
GoldCoupleVermont Creamery
GoldAda’s HonorRuggles Hill
GoldHarbisonCellars at Jasper Hill
SilverMt. AliceSebastion Von Trapp
SilverBijouVermont Creamery
SilverEllie’s Cloud DownRuggles Hill
SilverCremontVermont Creamery
SilverWeybridge from Scholten Family FarmCellars at Jasper Hill
SilverBrother’s WalkRuggles Hill
SilverAda’s EclipseRuggles Hill
SilverBonne BoucheVermont Creamery
SilverGreta’s Fair HavenRuggles Hill
BronzeTommePlymouth Artisan Cheese
BronzeMoses SleeperCellars at Jasper Hill

Class 19 Open for All Other Cheeses

AwardFancy NameCreamery
GoldFarmsteadSankow’s Beaver Brook Farm
GoldQueso BlancoUniversity of Connecticut
GoldKinsman Ridge from Landaff CreameryCellars at Jasper Hill
GoldTres BonneBoston Post Dairy LLC
SilverEvelinaCouet Farm & Fromagerie
SilverChevre Marinated in Olive OilAppleton Creamery
BronzeOriginal PlymouthPlymouth Artisan Cheese
BronzeRed vaskGrafton Village Cheese Company
BronzeEuropaArethusa Farm Dairy
BronzeTapping ReeveArethusa Farm Dairy
BronzeManchesterConsider Bardwell Farm
BronzePleasant SonSankow’s Beaver Brook Farm
BronzeBon P`ereBoston Post Dairy LLC
BronzeBear HillGrafton Village Cheese Company
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