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Creative Arts Catalog



Quilt by Dawn Sullivan 

We are busy making many changes for 2019. Please use the information below from 2018 as a reference only. The 2019 information will be posted in May.

Enter online https://thebige.fairwire.com/
Entry Form
Entry Label (to be attached to each entered item when submitted)

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If you missed August 1st Deadlines- If you are wondering what departments are still accepting entries - CLICK HERE for a chart with due dates, fees and drop off days. Some departments accept entries up to 9/27.

Complete Creative Arts Catalog (Departments 1-56)

Creative Arts Rules & Regulations for ALL Departments

Traditional Rug Hooking (Department 1)
Punch Needle Design Rugs (Department 2)
Braided Rugs (Department 3)
Lace (Department 4)
Needlework(Department 5)
Quilting-All by Hand(Department 6)
Quilting (Department 7)
Knitting (Department 8)
Felting/Fulling (Department 9)
Hand Spinning (Department 10)
Hand Weaving (Department 11)
Crochet(Department 12)
Beading(Department 13)
Basketry(Department 14)
Handcrafted Dolls & Animals(Department 15)
Sewn Items(Department 16)
Natural Fiber Products (Department 17)

Photography Rules
Photography (Department 20)
Photography-Massachusetts Agriculture & Fairs (Department 21)

Canning Department 30-36 Rules Please read canning department rules AND Creative Arts Rules & Regulations for ALL Departments
Jellies (Department 30)
Jams (Department 31)
Canned Preserves (Department 32)
Canned Fruits (Department 33)
Canned Vegetables (Department 34)
Canned Pickles & Relishes (Department 35)
Canned Honey & Syrups (Department 36)

Mixes in a Jar (Department 40)
Flavored Popcorn (Department 41)
Homemade Granola (Department 42)
King Arthur Flour Baking Contest (Department 45)
Massachusetts Maple Syrup Cooking Contest (Department 46)

Make it with Clay (Department 51)
Woodturning (Department 55)
Paper Airplane Competition (Department 56)

Rug Hooking by Robin Salmaggi
Quilt by Kathy Nutley
Gown and jacket sewn by Anna Grierson


Make it with Clay- Pottery Contest

Make it with Clay- Pottery Contest

September 18, 2018 
King Arthur Baking Contest

King Arthur Baking Contest

September 20, 2018 
Woodturning Contest

Woodturning Contest

September 26, 2018 
Paper Airplane Contest

Paper Airplane Contest

September 27, 2018 

Quick Information


AUGUST 1: Entry form due date- $5 entry per items (check Department)

AUGUST 2-15: Late fee- $10 per item (no late entries for Photography)

AUGUST 29-30:
Photography Receiving for accepted entries. (Departments 20-21)

SEPTEMBER 4-5: Entry Receiving (Departments 1-17, 30-36)

SEPTEMBER 8: Entry Receiving (Departments 40-42)

SEPTEMBER 15 – OCTOBER 1: Big E Fair Open

OCTOBER 1: Pickup day 10-7

OCTOBER 2: Pickup day 8-1

Have Questions? Contact Us

Email: creativearts@thebige.com
Phone 413-205-5015
Fax: 413-205-5104
Creative Arts, ESE, 1305 Memorial Avenue, West Springfield, MA 01089

Please note, No judging results will be given over phone, fax, or email.
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