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Fran Mason, Worthington, Massachusetts

*Entry deadline is August 15, Late entry deadline is August 31*

2024 Animal Health Regulations
2024 General Rules and Regulations

IAFE Show Ring Code of Ethics
Show Ring Policy and Code of Ethics

Camping: New for 2024!
Request a camping space during the Exposition!

Send us a camping request form by May 31, 2024.
By mid-June, camping reservations will be sent form or a wait-list notification.
Payment for camping can be made when paying for your entries.
Upon arrival at the Big E, exhibitors will present their reservation to the camping attendant.
For more information, please see the 2024 Premium Book.

Payment and Reservation must be on file in the Ag Office in order to secure your camping space.

2024 Camping Request Form

2024 ESE Livestock Award Donation Form
2024 Feed Store Order Form
Entry Fees

2024 Satellite Trailer Parking Lot Map
Evacuation Plan 2023
Fire Regulations

** All schedules tentative, subject to change **

Draft Horse Pull


Class Weight Day Time
A 3100 lbs. Monday, September 16 10:00 am
B 3400 lbs. Monday, September 16 1:30 pm
C Over 3400 lbs. Monday, September 16 6:00 pm

Monday, September 16, 2024 7am - 9am

Upon Release by Show Superintendent

Class Listings
Pulling Brochure

Draft Oxen Pull


Class Weight Date Time
D 2500 lbs & under Tuesday, September 17 9:30 am
E 2900 lbs. Tuesday, September 17 11:30 am
F 3300 lbs. Tuesday, September 17 2:30 pm
G Over 3300 lbs. Tuesday, September 17 6:00 pm

Tuesday, September 17, 2024 7am - 9am

Upon Release by Show Superintendent

Class Listings
REQUIRED for 2023 Animal Identification Regulations
Pulling Brochure

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