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Star Program

Congratulations to our 2021 FFA Regional Star Winners!


To promote and encourage excellence in the FFA through development of outstanding scholarship, leadership and supervised agricultural experiences.

To recognize Eastern States winners in the following areas:
Star Farmer -achievement in a production agriculture SAE
Star Agribusiness-achievement in an agribusiness of SAE
Star Agricultural Placement-achievement in an agricultural placement SAE, either at an agribusiness or production enterprise Star Agriscience-excellence in an agriscience-based SAE (natural resources, research/experimentation or science-based lab).This program may be either placement or entrepreneurial.


  • To recognize youth in the Eastern Regional FFA who have achieved the Star Award in their respective state for 2021.
  • To educate the fairgoing public to the fact that agriculture and agribusiness is a vibrant part of the Eastern Region
  • To promote the work of agriculturalists in the Eastern Region

Event Rules

  1. Applicant must have received the Star Award in their respective state in the applied category.
  2. Application shall include (please submit in the following order):
    1. Big E FFA Stars Recognition Application
    2. Copy of Applicant's State winning application
    3. Resume`
    4. Supplemental material at applicant's discretion (maximum 2 pages)
  3. All applications should be uploaded below on or before September 1, 2021.
  4. Applicant will be requested for a virtual interview. Applicant will be contacted after application has been submitted to setup interview time.
  5. Candidate must wear official FFA Dress during the interview.

The application and awards do not relate to the winners of the Eastern Regional FFA Stars Program sponsored by the National FFA Organization.

Judge's decision is FINAL.


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