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Career Development Events

Please note: Documents have been posted in either PDF [pdf] or Excel [xls] format.

General Documents

Please find listed below general documents.
General Rules and Regulations.pdf
Waiver Form
– Must be filled out by all FFA Participants
Online Registration
2021 Car, Van and Bus Request Form

Check back for more information!

Dairy Cattle Evaluation & Management, and Handlers

Thank you for your interest in our Dairy Judging Contest. We wanted to let you know that as we have made adjustments for our return to fairtime activities, we have had to make some tough decisions about what is reasonable for the 2021 fair. We have decided to forgo the ESE Dairy Judging and Handlers Contests for this year due to scheduling conflicts with other major events in the industry and lack of cattle availability. We do plan to implement this again in 2022! We hope that you will continue your interest in these events when we return to our Dairy Judging Contest schedule in 2022!

Virtual Horse Evaluation

Rules & Format
HorseEvaluation .pdf
General Rules and Regulations.pdf
Waiver Form
Online Registration - September 1 -15, 2021

Linda Corson

Virtual Livestock Evaluation

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