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Join the Creative Arts Team

Become Part of The Big E Fair!

The Creative Arts Department could not function without all its volunteers and demonstrators, and we are always welcoming more to make our fair a success. We have volunteer opportunities appropriate for people of all ability levels, before, during and after the fair. As a volunteer, you may earn day tickets to The Big E fair. Join us to meet new people and learn something new!

*Dates subject to change slightly*

The Creative Arts Ambassador

September 13-29 - 4-hour shifts between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm

The volunteer Ambassadors are the friendly faces everyone sees when they enter the New England Center. Ambassadors greet fair visitors, answer questions about our wonderful exhibits and general fair questions. Ambassadors monitor exhibits during the Fair and make sure that no one touches the displays. Ambassadors volunteer for 4-hour shifts and receive a free entry ticket and free parking to the Fair for that day! We also offer snacks and beverages while you are volunteering.

The Creative Arts Tour Guide

September 13-29 - 4-hour shifts between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm

Tour guides will be provided with information to share with our fairgoers about the wonderful exhibits, history, and how to become involved. Tours will be scheduled on weekends and some weekdays on the hour or every other hour from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

September 13-29 - 4-hour shifts between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm
We, in the Creative Arts Department at The Big E, feel it is essential for those involved in any aspect of creative arts (quilting, photography, gardening, knitting, and more) to share their skills with others. By sharing our love of the arts, we promote awareness of the crafts and encourage others to carry on artistic traditions. Your knowledge and support can inspire people to continue their projects and discover new crafts.

Each year, demonstrators represent and promote their craft at The Big E. The role of the demonstrator is to show the public how their art, craft or horticulture is done. This may include how to get started, and where to go for help, instruction, and supplies needed. Through educational presentations, demonstrators motivate others to try something new. You may demonstrate your craft at areas set up amongst our display, or new for this year, on the stage.


Volunteers who donate 8 or more hours of time before the Fair begins and after the Fair closes receive a one-day ticket to The Big E for every 8 hours of volunteering.

Pre & Post Fair Organizers

August—October 1

Assist with clean up and take down of displays. Sort paperwork.

Creative Arts Set Up Assistant

August 30 (Photography) and September 5-12 (all other departments)

Our Set-Up Assistants handle all the entries received for the Creative Arts after judging. They assist with the set up and placement of over 1,000 entries for display.

Scribes and Presenters

August 30 (Fine Arts), September 4-10 (Most other departments)

Judging day is a busy day for the Creative Arts department. We have several divisions to be judged and each judge needs a scribe and often a presenter who lays out the items to be judged. The scribe writes all the placings and judge’s comments as each item is judged. They also review judging sheets for completeness. Presenters keep judges moving by keeping entries organized during the judging process and present judges with the next item to be judged. These two positions are often switched between individuals during the day, one person will act as the scribe for a couple hours and then switch with the presenter.

Receiving and Post Fair Pick-Up Assistants

RECEIVING: August 29 (Photography & Fine Arts), September 3 (most other departments), September 9-10 (Food)

PICK UP: September 30 & October 1 (all departments)

Assist exhibitors when they drop off their entries for judging and picking up their entries after the Fair. Assistants check each entry as received for overall condition and check that the entry is properly entered and tagged. After the Fair, assistants help exhibitors locate their entries, pick up their paperwork and check out.

Please consider becoming a Creative Arts Volunteer or Demonstrator and help make Creative Arts the best!

Have questions? Contact us at or (413) 205-5015.

Apply to Join our Team!

Volunteers should complete the volunteer form and/or the demonstrator form and submit by August 15, 2024.
Apply Online:

Volunteers - including Creative Arts Ambassadors, Tour Guides, Pre & Post Fair, Set Up and Judging.
Individual Demonstrators
Group Demonstrators
Stage Demonstrators

Print and mail:

Volunteers - including Creative Arts Ambassadors, Tour Guides, Pre & Post Fair, Set Up and Judging.

Demonstrators - groups, stage and individuals:
Demonstrator Guidelines
Individual Demonstrators
Group Demonstrators
Stage Demonstrators

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