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Saddle Horses

September 19 - 22, 2024

American Saddlebred
The American Saddlebred horse carries himself with an attitude that some call class, presence, style or charm. The breed was created in American and the registry dates back to 1891. The versatile Saddlebred is known for it's stamina and endurance and competes both under saddle, in driving classes and can also be found in various disciplines of equine competition. They are best known however, as the "Peacocks of the Show Ring." At Eastern States Exposition, you will see Saddlebreds compete in the following types of classes; Pleasure, Equitation, Three-Gaited, Five-Gaited and Fine Harness.
The Hackney is a breed of carriage horse or pony that originated in England and is one of the oldest breeds in the horse kingdom. The high stepper of the show ring, these ponies have extreme action both in front and behind. Judged for brilliance and show ring presence, the Hackney presents a picture of sheer daintiness and perfection being driven to a four-wheeled vehicle called a viceroy. The Hackney is shown only at the trot, but in most cases is judged at two speeds - the park trot and the faster "show your pony" gait.
Morgans are very versatile horses competing in many different disciplines, each with somewhat different standards and criteria. The Morgan park saddle and harness horses are expected to present a picture of great beauty, brilliance, animation and elegance either under saddle or in harness. While high action is desired, it must be balanced front and rear. Collection, rhythm and balance, which make up the total picture, are more important that height of action itself. It is often said that a Park Morgan should be as much a thing of beauty standing still as he is in motion. The Morgan Pleasure division is divided into four separate categories: English Pleasure and Pleasure Driving; Classic Pleasure and Driving; Hunter Pleasure and Western Pleasure. The Morgan Pleasure horse is just as much a show horse as the park horse, but he must display a more agreeable attitude. He must give the impression that he enjoys his work and that he is indeed a pleasure to ride or drive.
The Friesian, an ancient warmblood breed, has evolved to exemplify the exterior traits that we love about equine beauty - and strikes the beholder as a breed apart. During performances, their impressive stature, stunningly luxuriant mane and the extra long tail combine with the feathers and the low set of the tail to emphasize the breed's powerful and elastic gait. The Friesian is a powerful horse with high stepping action. The modern Friesian is strong but slightly taller and lighter on its feet than its coach-bred forebears. For this reason, the Friesian has re-emerged throughout Europe as both a champion dressage and driving horse. Its easy-going temperament makes him a great companion to riders of all ages. The breed is honest and willing to please-whether it's as a quality dressage mount, a dependable cross-country horse or a means to take family and friends for a carriage ride the Friesian does it all.
Open Classes
A variety of open classes to ensure that everyone and every breed that wants to show has an opportunity. So whether you have an Arabian, Quarter Horse or any other breed you can have a chance to shine here at the Big E.

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