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Wine Competition

2023 Big E Northeast Gold Wine Competition

Thank you for entering!

2023 Results are now available

Why enter The Big E Wine Competition?

• Wine competition entries in 2019 included approximately 200 wines from all 6 New England States and New York.

• Require two bottles (750ml or equivalent) per entry compared to the average wine competition minimum of a half a case or higher.

• Entry fee of $40

• Judges from a variety of backgrounds sommeliers, educators, enologist, winemakers, writers, importers, retailers and industry consultants from throughout the East coast.

• Each wine is judged on its own merit, not by how it compares to other wines in the flight.

• While we recognize that wines go through various stages of quality development, each wine entered is judged for what it is at the time of judging, not what it might become in the future.

• Maintaining the integrity of the competition is of utmost priority, therefore, wines are blind judged in flights.

• Each wine is identified only by a computer generated code number.

• All flights are staged in a climate control room and distributed to the judging room.

• Invited guest judges are comprised of restaurateurs interested in providing New England wines in their restaurants and we use the competition as an educational tool.

• All medal winners are displayed in the Wine and Cheese Barn during The Big E exposing New England Wines to a potential audience of over 1.8 million Fairgoers.

Participation in the Wine and Cheese Barn during The Big E.

• Wine and Cheese Barn participants are able to sell and promote their wines with one-on-one direct sales.

• Daily slots are allocated. Vintners requests are met to the best of our ability. A maximum of 5 slots are given daily. Each vintner will offer tastings for the days that they are in the Barn. They should sample wines that are available for sale. However, the opportunity is available for a vintner to seek public opinion on experimental wines.

• All wine is shelved and offered for sale the entire 17 days of the Fair. It is suggested that a minimum of 10 cases be in inventory.

• All participants are encouraged to make promotional material available at all times.

• This unique facility, along with administrative and sales support is funded by support from Eastern States Exposition along with commissions from wine sales. The facility is supervised by a top retail consultant and the Agriculture staff of the Exposition.

We handle the sales.You handle the wine.

Here is your chance to join us in the new adventure! All wineries entering 2 or more wines will be able to sign up for a day to sell wines in the Barn for the day. Eastern States Exposition takes care of all the busy work, we will maintain your inventory, set up your display in the shop, and ring up all your sales for the day! Wineries will be expected to pour, sample and build relationships with our patrons.

Upon receipt of your entry, a packet of information regarding this exciting new opportunity will be emailed to you. This will include a sign up form and all the additional information you need! Opportunity may be contingent on your eligibility to transport wine into Massachusetts.

Contact Us! If you have questions please email us at or call us at (413) 205-5011.
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