Corsage Making Demonstrations

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Corsage Making Demonstrations

Corsage making will be centrally located in the Farm-A-Rama Building. Daily demonstrations will be performed between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.


Chapters will have at least five members with some prior training available during the above hours to give demonstrations. Supplies and materials will be provided by Eastern States Exposition. The flowers will be primarily small chrysanthemums with leather leaf and fern. Wire and ribbon will be provided. Chapters should bring their own knives and cutters. Corsages will be single flowers with fern and bow. A microphone will be provided and chapters are expected to use it to tell the fairgoers what they are doing.

Apply Now!

FFA Corsage Making Demo Application

There are 17 days, which are possible for this event. Days are assigned accordingly to the date the request is received. All requests are to be signed by the State Consultant/Executive Secretary and are due on August 1. Every effort will be made to honor the dates each chapter requests. Multiple dates will be accepted to fill out the 17 days. The dates of the fair are September 13-29, 2024.

Should you have any questions contact: 860-377-8290, or via email

Proper Dress

FFA jackets, lab coats, smock, apron or similar attire is necessary.
Personal neatness is a must for all participants.


Apply now for the parade! Application deadline is June 28, 2024. New Rules and Regulations regarding the Parade can be found here. For questions email,

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