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Divisions & Pricing

Hooplandia welcomes participants of all ages and skill levels to compete in our diverse range of divisions. Whether you're a young aspiring player or a seasoned veteran, there's a place for everyone in our electrifying 3x3 basketball tournament. Check out the divisions below to find your perfect fit.

Youth Divisions - $175

All participants interested in the 6-14U divisions must be entering the corresponding grade in the fall of 2024. To participate in Hooplandia, participants must be 6 years old as of June 21, 2024.
  • 6 (K) The minimum age for participants is 6 years old as of June 21, 2024 (FREE)
  • 7U (1st Grade) FREE
  • 8U (2nd Grade) FREE
  • 9U (3rd Grade)
  • 10U (4th Grade)
  • 11U (5th Grade)
  • 12U (6th Grade)
  • 13U (7th Grade)
  • 14U (8th Grade)

High School Divisions, $175

High School divisions, sponsored by Your New England Ford Dealers
All participants interested in 15U-18U divisions must be entering the corresponding grade in the fall of 2024.
  • 15U (9th Grade)
  • 16U (10th Grade)
  • 17U (11th Grade)
  • 18U (12th Grade)

Adult Divisions - $190

Participants are required to select a division based on their age as of June 21, 2024.
  • College (Entering College or 19-23 years old) - Sponsored by Tandem Bagel Company
  • 35U
  • 36+ - Sponsored by Collins Electric

Special Olympics Division- FREE

Hooplandia aspires to create a Special Olympics and Unified division, fostering inclusivity and celebrating the diverse talents of athletes with unique abilities. If you're interested in participating in this division, please fill out the form below. Your support and enthusiasm will contribute to making Hooplandia an event that truly embraces the spirit of unity and sportsmanship for all.

Introducing Hoops & Heroes! - $75

Introducing the Hoops & Heroes division at Hooplandia, a special category crafted exclusively for active and retired First Responders and Military personnel. Sponsored by the Hampden County Sheriff's Office and supported by the prestigious Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame, this division stands as a tribute to the courage and commitment of our everyday heroes. Providing a platform for these individuals, aged 18 and older, to showcase their skills on the court, Hoops & Heroes embodies the spirit of camaraderie. Join us in honoring and celebrating the service of our First Responders and Military members through this distinctive division at Hooplandia.

A national treasure trove of fun

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