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The Big Eats Awards

Attention, Big E foodies! The Big E has introduced The Big Eats awards to recognize the incredible foods offered at the Fair and honor the talented folks behind the counter.

Check out the winners of the 2016 Big Eats Awards below. Be sure to come to The Big E to try ‘em all!

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2016 Big Eats Winners

Fairgoer Favorite

Fairgoer Favorite

Fried Butter Balls from Marion's Fried Dough
Sweet balls of frozen butter, wrapped in homemade dough, deep fried.

Located inside Gate 9A near the Mallary Complex and Wine & Cheese Barn.
Best Tasting Food

Best Tasting Food

Fried DoughCo from Anna's Fried Dough
All the delicious toppings of a taco on fried dough.

Located on East Road outside Door 4 of the Young Building near Midway.
Best New Food

Best New Food

Cowboy Nachos from the Ultimate BBQ
Nachos topped with pulled pork, cheese and toppings.

Located in the Food Court on West Road near the Midway.
Most Creative Food

Most Creative Food

Moo-Nut from MooLicious
Glazed donut filled with vanilla ice cream and choice of toppings.

Located on Springfield Road across from the Circus Spectacular and McDonald's Giant Slide.
Best Salute to the Centennial

Best Salute to the Centennial

Centennial Sundae from Dippin' Dots Ice Cream
Select your New England state and flavor!

Located on Commonwealth Avenue, behind the Better Living Center, near Visitors' Center East.
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Click here to apply for the 2017 Big Eats competition.

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