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John & Virginia Huckins

John & Virginia Huckins, Huck's Hidden Acres, New Hampshire. John started with Milking Shorthorns as a youth on the family farm, Eagle Eye Farm, in Farmington, NH. This farm was sold in the early 60's when his father, John Leslie, passed away.

He left 10 children: Cathy, John, Thomas, Janet, Marcia, Donna, Linda, Brenda, Lisa and Jennifer. A number of them showed Milking Shorthorn cattle. Being involved with the state, regional and national events, one they enjoyed was The Big E.

Having champions and winning awards in the late 70's and early 80's. Huck's Hidden Acres was a well-known name. They hosted New England picnics and attended many events. Virginia was usually left at home to tend to the farm, but enjoyed the Milking Shorthorns. The Huckins sold their herd when living in Groveton, NH, and later moved to Farmington, NH, where they now both have passed away.

The Milking Shorthorn breed was always part of their lives, and they enjoyed producing great cow families.

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