George Devoe

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George Devoe

George Devoe (1899-2000)
George Devoe developed Judd's Bridge Farm, New Milford, Connecticut, into one of the Brown Swiss breed's best and well-known herds. After a successful career on Wall Street in the 1920's, he moved to Sharon, Connecticut. He established Devoe Realty in New Milford, Connecticut, about 1930. Devoe Realty remained in business until 1994.

Judd's Bridge was probably best known by Brown Swiss breeders as the home of Jane of Vernon, who is often called "Mother of the Brown Swiss Breed". After the 1946 dispersal, Judd's Bridge set the all-time sale average record to that date. A son of Jane of Vernon set the all-time sale record at that time. About 60 animals in the sale were his offspring. Judd's Bridge went back into business in the late 1940's and had a second dispersal in 1961.

George put together 19 properties for owner Rowe B. Metcalf to establish Judd's Bridge Farm. He managed the farm from 1932 to 1946, even before purchasing Jane of Vernon (from Wisconsin). Judd's Bridge animals were at the top of many show classes and achieved high milk production awards. They exhibited for many years at Regional and National shows including The Big E and National Dairy Cattle Congress, Waterloo, Iowa.

In the late 1940's and 1950's, George was President of the New England Brown Swiss Association and was instrumental in beginning the Connecticut Association in 1946. Fred Gauntt, former fieldman for the Eastern Region of the National Association, credits George for being the reason why so many Brown Swiss herds got started and established in Connecticut. He was also chairman of the 4-H Club of Litchfield County.

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