Elmer Johnson

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Elmer Johnson

Elmer Johnson owned and operated Pleasant Valley Farm, Winchester, New Hampshire, for decades and exhibited at The Big E for many years. In 1973, he had Reserve Grand Champion with Maple Shade Stretch Gilda (bred by Don Herron), a fresh and very fancy 3-year-old. Elmer was later the breeder of Gilda's daughter, Pleasant Valley Beauty Gilda, twice Grand Champion of The Big E Junior Show in the later 1970's for Jill Falkowski from Connecticut.

The Grand Champion in 1973 and for 3 consecutive years was Mallory Brook Lynn, owned by Curtis and Linda Prime, Roseledge Farm, Augusta, Maine. Elmer actually owned her as a young animal,, 3 different times, until Primes bought her. Elmer loved to buy, sell and barter purebred Brown Swiss and Belgian Draft Horses. He milked about 60 cows, all purebred Brown Swiss, many naturally polled. Elmer was especially known as a breeder of naturally polled Brown Swiss for many years as he marketed and sold many of these animals. He served in the New Hampshire State Legisalture for many years, representing Hinsdale and Winchester.

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