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4-H Beef Auction

September 24, 2018, 6pm

Step into the Mallary Complex on 4-H Beef Auction night and you will find yourself with countless opportunities to speak with 4-H members while viewing their prize animals. Bidders and buyers are warmly welcomed to ask questions of the youth. 4-H members are no different from any other youth. They can be shy and find it hard to speak with strangers at first. Try breaking the ice by asking them how they named their steer or ask them to tell about halter breaking their animal. You will see a shy youngster transform into a responsible agriculturalist, who understands the dollars and sense of buying a calf and growing it to market weight with the hope of profitably selling that animal at The Big E. A 4-H Beef Auction is the culmination of many hours of sweat, equity and commitment, hoping your investment will pay off financially and reward the 4-H youth with the satisfaction from a job well done.

Last year over 29 4-H Beef Steers were exhibited and offered for sale at The Big E. Proceeds from this sale went directly to the exhibitor. Monies are often used to purchase their next 4-H Beef Project animals, while many 4-H exhibitors have made significant college expense investments with the income from their 4-H Beef animals.

We would like to thank the 2017 Beef Buyers at The Big E:

  • Don Chase, West Springfield, MA
  • Chicopee Savings Bank Charitable Foundation, Chicopee, MA
  • Eastern States Exposition, West Springfield, MA
  • North American Midway, Hoffman Estates, IL
  • Farm Credit East, Enfield, CT
  • Warren Swanson, Waterford, CT
  • Ed’s Plumbing, Barkhamstead, CT
  • The Bourque Family, West Springfield, MA
  • Fenton River Veterinary Hospital, Scott Morey, Tolland, CT
  • Double J Excavating LLC, Tolland, CT
  • Donnie Dionne, Southampton, MA
  • Nikki Dockery, Easthampton, MA
  • RM Blerman LLC, Southwick, MA
  • Peter Sklarski, South Hadley, MA
  • The Barn Yard, Ellington, CT
  • The Farmer's Daughter, Auburn, MA
  • Bill Thompson, Brookfield, MA
  • Christy Webster, Springfield, MA
  • Western Growers, West Springfield, MA


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