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The E Stage Artist Application

The E Stage was developed to showcase emerging artists focusing on creating original music. We are always looking for great new musicians to play the venue and encourage artists of all genres to apply. Reference the following prior to applying.

• Artists must have a catalogue of original music.
• Artists must be able to perform a 60-90 min. clean set.

Please note:
• Sets are not expected to be composed entirely of original songs.
• Artists using explicit language or graphic content will more than likely not be considered. The E Stage is an all-ages venue. Applicants are expected to have enough clean material between originals and covers to fill a minimum 60 min. set. Typical set length ask is 75-90 min.
• Completion of this application does not guarantee a performance spot at The Big E. Applications are used to gather information about artists interested in playing the event. Regret letters will not be sent.

Applicants will be considered for The Big E in 2025. We look forward to hearing your music!

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