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Philo Withington

Philo T. Withington was the youngest son J.F. Withington, who bought Green Acres Farm in North Hartland, Vermont, in 1910. Philo was the youngest of nine children, and the only one interested in continuing the farm. He attended Agriculture School in Lyndonville, Vermont, and after high school, where he met W. Arthur Simpson. Philo purchased several Milking Shorthorn females during the late 1920's and early 1930's.These cows were always bred to registered Milking Shorthorn bulls, including Walgrove King Conqueror, Queenston Ruth's Lad and Willowdale Crown Prince. Philo was married to Vivian in 1932, and Ruth Withington Shumway was born in 1933.

Philo traveled the Northeast to shows, where he spent most of his summer, and a was well-known Milking Shorthorn breeder whose passion for the red, white and roan continues on through his many grandchildren and great-grandchildren and the Green Acres prefix..

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