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Worksheets & Lesson Ideas

The Big E has been an educational experience for all for more than 100 years. Whether you’re looking for activities for before, during and after your field trip or just a fun lesson to do during back-to-school time in September, this page has interesting educational activities and suggested lessons.


Elementary and Middle School students can help BiggiE, the Fair’s mascot, solve the puzzles while learning about the Avenue of States, the Coliseum, and all of the animals that are here during the Fair. Print out the entire BrainGames PDF or worksheet packets below.

Lesson Ideas

Agriculture ABC
Look for words around the Fairgrounds that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Record one word for each letter. Be creative and use words read on signage, carnival ride names and concession menus, as well as words for the things you see, smell and hear.

Design A Fair Brochure
The Big E Marketing department creates a colorful brochure each year for fairgoers. This 12-panel behemoth is a huge undertaking and includes everything from agriculture events and food to craft competitions and entertainment. Pretend The Big E has asked your students to design their own brochure for the fair. Have make a list of the information and pictures they want to include in their brochure. Next, have them pick which information and pictures will be used. They might include topics such as “About the Fair,” “Don’t Miss These Events,” and “Top 10 List of Animals to See.”

Plan Your Own Exhibit
What if The Big E asked your students what they would like to see at the Fair next year? Give your students the job of imagining and planning fair exhibits for the great New England state fair. Categories might include animals, cooking, farming, hobbies, history and more. Invite students to think and have fun with catchy titles for each exhibit.

Create a story for Chick-E
Chick-E is the newest Big E mascot. Invite students to create a story about him. Ask students to brainstorm ideas then have small groups work together to write and illustrate a story. The setting can be the fairgrounds or anywhere an adventure could take our fluffy yellow friend.

Submit Your Lesson Idea
We want this education section to be for teachers and by teachers. Please submit your lessons for consideration to our Education Specialist. We love to see student artwork and projects. Share them with us by mailing them to:

Jane Dugan
Education Specialist
Eastern States Exposition
1305 Memorial Avenue
West Springfield, MA 01089
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