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2020 Daily Parade Applications

Read the Rules and Guidelines

2020 Big E Daily Parade

Below are the Rules and Guidelines that have been set forth for the smooth operation of The Big E daily parade and, most importantly, the safety of all participants, volunteers and spectators. Entrants must observe all applicable rules and regulations or be denied participation in the parade lineup and will NOT be invited back to participate in future parades.

  • Participants apply and must be approved in writing by the Special Events Office staff to participate. No unit will be accepted into the parade on parade day.
  • Entry applications must be received by August 30, 2020.
  • ENTRY APPEARANCE: All units must appear in full uniform or costume. Staff or assistants accompanying staff must be properly attired.
  • PLEASE NO STROLLERS. Wagons allowed for band supplies only.
  • No additions to the unit are allowed, such as vehicles, people, etc..., without prior application and written approval by parade officials, by the deadline.
  • No materials may be handed out or thrown out along the parade route. Distribution of gifts, merchandise, literature or other materials along the parade route is prohibited without prior approval.
  • No advocating, opposing or depicting of any political, religious or social issues.
  • No spraying of water or other liquids from units.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs by participants prior to and during the parade is prohibited. Individuals appearing intoxicated will be denied parade participation.
  • No Smoking (tobacco, vaping or marijuana) in the parade, as well as the parade staging area.
  • Youth sports teams will receive vouchers through their school to participate in the parade.
  • A commercial/for-profit business entry cannot be used as a “major” advertisement or sponsorship.
  • No more than 10 representatives for each business organization.
  • No more than 20 representatives for civic organizations. These representatives must wear some sort of representative attire and come equipped with a banner so they look cohesive.
  • All entries are required to maintain a continuous forward motion during the parade. No stopping.
  • At the end of the parade continue marching behind the State Buildings towards the Transportation Center. DO NOT DISPERSE YOUR GROUP between the New Hampshire Building and the Moses Building at the end of the parade.
Participant age Restriction:
  • Participants must be at least 8 years-old or older
  • There must be at least one adult escort for every 8 children under the age of 13 years.
  • Each participant is expected to walk the 1 mile parade route and keep pace with the movement of the parade.
Cancellation Policy:
Only a significant act of nature will cancel the parade. If for some unforeseen reason your unit is not able to participate in the parade after being accepted, you must contact the Special Events Office.

  • Floats may not exceed 25 feet in length, 12 feet in height and 8 feet wide.
  • Float entries must follow the “Parade Float Guidelines” that will be mailed following acceptance into the parade.
  • All vehicles must be properly insured and drivers must have proper driver's license.
  • No blowing of sirens or vehicle horns in the parade. This pertains to all fire companies, fire trucks and any other vehicles. This is a safety precaution in case of an emergency. If sirens are blowing, real emergency vehicle sirens cannot be heard, confusing spectators and parade participants. This is a safety hazard.
  • No person or articles hanging over the sides of float or vehicle.
  • If a vehicle is needed to represent a commercial/for-profit business, one vehicle per business will be allowed and must be registered on The Big E website by applying for the parade.
  • Any authorized vehicle must be clean.
  • A parade vehicle pass must be obtained through the Special Events Office.
  • Any vehicle larger than a dump truck should not be brought to the parade. The parade route is very tight, making navigation hazardous for large vehicles.
  • Vehicles for the parade will be permitted on fairgrounds through Gate 1 (GREEN GATE) and proceed to Gate 1C, no vehicles will be permitted on the grounds prior to 3:30PM.
  • All drivers for parade vehicles must remain with their vehicle upon entering. If a driver is not with the vehicle, that vehicle will not be permitted to line up.
  • Check in with our Parade Marshal, no later than 4:30PM.
  • All vehicles must exit fairgrounds immediately after the parade.
To Cities and Towns: One vehicle per department is sufficient. This does not include Police or Fire Departments.


Please keep in mind a representative of your organization has signed the original entry application understanding all parade rules and guidelines presented. Organizers reserve the right to reject any entry at any time and all decisions are final. Thank You.

Please remember to have participant hands stamped for re-entry. Be mindful of the spectators and have a safe, fun and entertaining time. Enjoy!

Daily Parade Applications

Sign ups for the 2020 Big E Parade must be submitted via the applications below:

Band Application

Vehicle Application

Marching Group Application

Float Application

Equestrian Application

Need help?

Have a question or need assistance with your application? Email or call 413-205-5058.
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