Meet our 4-H Dairy Goat Judge

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Meet our 4-H Dairy Goat Judge

Jennifer Lohman-Peterson, Endeavor, Wisconsin.

Jennifer Lohman-Peterson lives in Endeavor, Wisconsin with her husband and son. They maintain a herd of goats under the herd name 'Elm*Glen'. Jennifer started her love with dairy goats as a teenager. Growing up in Wisconsin she was involved in 4-H and competed in shows around the state and would help commercial dairies with herd management. After college she took a job on a goat dairy in California and learned aspects from production to marketing. She became a judge with the American Dairy Goat Assn.. Many years and many goat shows have lead her to judge across the country and internationally. Including judging this year at the ADGA National Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

Raising Dairy goats has been an important part of my life. I am excited to be a part of the Youth Show for the Big E to share my knowledge and passion for the Dairy Goat.

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