The Verve Pipe

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The Verve Pipe

Date: Sept 22, 2023
Time: 8:00 PM
The Verve Pipe has spent the better part of three decades in evolution, creating a sound that transcends genre and generation.

It's a sound rooted in pop hooks, alt-rock guitars, and the sharp songwriting of front man Brian Vander Ark. A sound that's taken the band from the golden days of late-'90s modern rock — when The Verve Pipe enjoyed multi-platinum success with hits like "Photograph" and the chart-topping "The Freshmen" — to the rule-breaking creativity of the 2010s and beyond, an era that's found the band reinventing itself with each release. Throughout it all, The Verve Pipe has released critically acclaimed music as both a major-label act and an independent band, maintaining a commitment to forward-thinking rock & roll with albums like 2021's Threads.

Co-written by Vander Ark and backup vocalist Channing Lee, Threads marks a collaborative peak for The Verve Pipe. It's an album about the trials and triumphs we all face — love, loss, abuse, addiction, romance, anger — laced with orchestral strings and The Verve Pipe's lifelong willingness to stretch its legs. Atmospheric one minute and anthemic the next, Threads is the sound of a band that remains at the peak of its powers, turning the everyday experiences of modern existence into songs that are celebratory and cathartic.

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