Blue Light Bandits

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Blue Light Bandits

Date: Sept 26, 2023
Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Blue Light Bandits are a 4-piece independent rock band from Worcester, MA heavily influenced by 70's soul and R&B. Since releasing their first project, B.L.B Demo in 2014 they have amassed over 3 million streams on Spotify, spanning 2 full length albums and a selection of EP’s and singles.

Dan DeCristofaro (keys and vocals) and Ethan Bates (bass and vocals) are the founding members, singers, and songwriters behind BLB. Dan is a soulful writer, producer, and arranger with powerhouse singles such as “Give Me Your Love” and "Unbreakable". Ethan is also an accomplished cellist and performs and writes solo compositions as "Ethan Bates Orchestra" where he builds live loops and layers organically for each performance. The current iteration of the BLB lineup features veteran touring and session drummer, Simon Adamsson, and multi-faceted guitarist, Jay Faires, who also rounds out the signature 3-part BLB harmonies.

The band released their second full length album, Honestly Glad It Happened, on June 25, 2021 which introduced the next evolution of their songs, sound, and direction. The project is in many ways, an ode to love: love for significant others, for friends or even for music itself. In fact, the album is a huge labor of love for the band, as it was entirely recorded and produced within the BLB team.

Their latest release, a 5 song EP entitled Sadness, Madness, Pride, & Greed is released on March 31st. Lead singer, Dan, describes it as the band’s “musical playground” and will showcase their raw talent and musicianship like never before.

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