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We Don't Know Yet

Date: Sept 20, 2022
Time: 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

We Don't Know Yet was first formed in 1985 by 3 best friends on their first foray into creating music. Mike Hardie (Keyboards), David Olson (Bass, Vocals), and Mark Schwaber (Guitar, Vocals, Drums) wrote their very first song together around this time, at the shared age of 13. By the mid-90's all 3 members went on to do various other projects and bands and never again returned to each other. Some figuratively, some literally. After nearly 2 decades of disconnect, David and Mark reconnected when David thought it would be fun to write a song together that spoke to family. It was a healing process for the both of them, as it spoke to how love is stronger than time, and that wounds are impermanent, even if they last 20 years. Early in the sessions the idea was born to include as many people from their circle as possible. David reached out to Mike and asked if he was interested. He was at rehearsal that week. These 3 core members of the band have since turned that idea of one song into a full length release on Jack London Records that will see the world in the Fall/Winter of 2022, tour dates in the USA, video shoots, and a band name that winks to the decades that they've spent together trying to find a band name, and to their ideology of always remaining open to new things.

Their influences range from Miles Davis to Bad Brains, from Taj Mahal to Van Halen, and from Minor Threat to The Outfield. The 3 founding members have found their own careers in the field, working with the likes of Lloyd Cole, Shadows Fall, Mary Lou Lord, Sebadoh, Matthew Sweet, Fred Maher (Lou Reed), and Joan Wasser.

Free with admission to The Big E.

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