Sandy Bailey

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Sandy Bailey

Date: Oct 02, 2022
Time: 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Upon hearing Sandy Bailey’s music for the first time, a listener is immediately enthralled by her sweet, rich, smooth and soulful voice. The Western Massachusetts singer-songwriter is beautifully capturing the spirit of Folk and Americana by blending the stirring vocal delivery of Allison Russell with the country/gospel infused styling of Norah Jones.

Born into a musical, biracial family and raised in a gospel church, Bailey draws on early childhood influences to translate her expressive vocals into her own characteristic brand of
gospel tinged folk. The artist’s piano driven melodies are catalyzed by a distinct touch of indie flare and embossed with hints of nostalgia, beckoning a time when the lines between jazz blues, country and gospel music were blurred. The Daily Hampshire Gazette praises Bailey as “a fully integrated talent, including a strong, emotive voice, a poetic lyric-writing ability, a moody sense of melody and a natural grace at the keyboard.”

Free with admission to The Big E.
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