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Back Rhodes

Date: Sept 24, 2022
Time: 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Back Rhodes is a progressive country/rock group out of northwest Rhode Island. Bet you haven’t seen the prog moniker applied to a country band before. It’s a label we don’t use lightly. Raised in the northern woods, our take on this genre hits a little differently. We try to take the songs further than your cookie cutter country song, and if we catch you off guard, good.

“The boys first got together in 2013. They were all doing separate projects and eventually met up at an open mic night. They have blended their loves of country, rock, Americana, folk and bluegrass music to come up with their uniquely fresh sound. Lead singer, Jesse Desorcy’s voice is weathered and soulful; full of ache and longing, joy and passion. The brotherly love of this band is evident in their tight harmonies. It doesn’t hurt that 2 of the vocalists are actually brothers.”

Ed Desorcy completes the brother harmony and brings down the tight low-end. Resident dark fiddle sorcerer, Antonio Salvatore, rounds out the vocals for that high harmony. Jay Coutu’s driving percussion is the heartbeat of the band, and he’ll own you in Alan Jackson knowledge. Chris Quiray brings the melodic rhythm and flat-pickin’ guitar that is synonymous with Back Rhodes. Tyler Hill’s tasty licks and shredding guitar can instantaneously bring you to another dimension or smash you through a brick wall, and you won’t see it coming. Throw in Jesse’s banjo, some dueling lead guitar/violin and a packed barroom and you’ve got Back Rhodes.

Back Rhodes has supported country artists Big & Rich, Frankie Ballard, Jo Dee Messina, Kip Moore and Trent Harmon, along with The Ghost of Paul Revere, Kat Wright and The Mallett Brother’s Band. Jesse Desorcy appeared on NBC’s The Voice season 20, and additional accolades include WCTK Cat Country’s Hometown Throwdown winners 2016, New England Country Music ‘Best Group’ 2017 and Motif’s ‘Best Country Artist’ for 2021.

Nearing 10 years, the future is bright for Back Rhodes with their first full length, Something Golden, slated for a 2022 release.

Free with admission to The Big E.

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