Food & Drink

There is simply nothing as mouthwatering as the food at The Big E.

If you can think of something to deep-fry, we’ve probably done it. Oreos, jelly beans, Kool-Aid – even butter. But fried food is only part of our typical fair cuisine. Classic loaded baked potatoes, BBQ pork, sausage and peppers, and corndogs are on practically every corner. You’ll find Mexican, Chinese, Greek, Latin, German, Polish, Italian, and Indian food (and probably something we forgot as well). Top it all off with a signature Big E Cream Puff or Eclair, key-lime-pie-on-a-stick, or simply delicious apple pie ala mode.

If you really want to stay on your diet, you can’t go wrong with a salad, smoothie, or a giant turkey leg, which is surprisingly low in calories.

Find a hidden food spot in our food court by the midway, in our Italian Pavilion, our Heroes & Legends 50’s style diner, or sit down to a more upscale meal at Storrowton tavern.

There is no shortage of tasty temptations at The Big E. Be sure to wash it all down with something refreshing from one of our watering holes like: The Big E Martini Bar, Opa Opa Saloon, Tavern Terrace, Sam Adams Beer Garden, Oktoberfest Munich Style, or Guinness Irish Pub.