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Masters of Music

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Masters of Music

Rockers of all genres, soloists with soul-marinated voices and electronic artists alike, we want to put you in the spotlight at the largest event in the East.

Apply for The Big E's Masters of Music competition for a shot to play The Big E this September...you also have a chance to win some cash and other swag.

Here's how we do it...
Musicians can apply for the Masters of Music competition now through August 30. Finalists will be selected on the basis of technical ability and creativity (original music or adapted covers of songs). Finalists will automatically land a gig at The Big E on the all-new E Stage, sponsored by Blue Chair Bay Rum.

Here's how you win...
Once you're selected as a finalist, your fate in the competition is in the hands of your fans and their ability to get online and vote. The online voting period on The Big E's Facebook runs the length of The Big E, beginning Sept. 15 and concluding Oct. 1. The top vote-getting band will score a $1,000 cash prize, an opportunity to return to The Big E in 2018, and more to be announced.

Want to learn more, have questions or ready to apply? Links are to the right.

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