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Rules & Regulations


Better Living Center Office Hours:

Friday, August 11 — 9am – 5pm
Monday, Aug. 14 – Friday, Aug. 19 — 9am – 5pm
Monday, Aug. 21 – Friday, Aug. 26 — 9am – 5pm
Tuesday, Sept. 5 – Friday, Sept. 9 — 9am – 5pm
Saturday, Sept. 9 & Sunday, Sept. 10 — 9am – 5pm
Monday, Sept. 11 & Tuesday, Sept. 12 — 8:00am – 5:00pm
Wednesday, Sept. 13 — 8am – 8pm
Thursday, Sept. 14 — 8am – 10pm
Friday, Sept. 15 – Sunday, Oct. 1 — 8am – 10pm
Monday, Oct. 2 – Wednesday, Oct. 4 — 9am – 5pm

Better Living Center telephone number is 413-205-5061
Fax number is 413-787-0127 until August 10, 2017
Fax number is 413-205-5267 August 13 – October 4, 2017

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General Information

ACCCESS TO THE BUILDINGS: During the Fair, exhibitors and delivery people may enter the buildings for restocking and/or cleaning between the hours of 8am to 10am.


BETTER LIVING CENTER: A security guard will be assigned to Doors 7 & 3 from 8am -10am to perrmit exhibitors to enter the building

YOUNG BUILDING: A security guard will be assiged to doors 6 & 2; door 6 will be open for deliveries and door 2 will be open for exhibitors.

CARRIAGE HOUSE: During the Fair exhibitors may enter the building from 8:30am – 10am

All exhibitors must be out of the building by 10:30pm. Once you have left the building you cannot re- enter until opening the next morning.

BANKING: Westfield Bank has an office located in the front left corner of the Coliseum. Banking hours are 8am to 2pm and 3pm to 7pm. There are four (4) permanent ATM machines located on the grounds. Two (2) are located outside Door 8 of the Better Living Center and two (2) are located at the entrance of the Food Court. There are five (5) temporary ATM machines located on the grounds; Visitors’ Center East, Visitors’ Center West, West Road bathroom, at Gate 7 and at Central Information. To enable use of the banking facilities provided during The Big E (coin exchange, wire transfer, etc.) the appropriate paperwork must be completed to comply with the USA Patriots Act of 2001 as required by law.

BOARD OF HEALTH: Download the PDF of our Health Regulations here.

CAMPER PARKING: Please call 413-205-5019 or email us, for details.

CONCESSIONAIRE RULES AND REGULATIONS: All supplies and products will be purchased from ESE official purveyors unless pre-approved in writing by management.

All concessions will report gross sales figures on a daily basis. Payment of Fair percentage must be made on the three Mondays, (Sept. 18, 25 & Oct. 2) Late fees will be charged for non-reporting or payment.

Concessionaires are prohibited from selling any products that are not listed on their contract. Management will demand removal of any unapproved items.

Concessionaire agrees to operate said concession according to ESE and Board of Health rules and regulations.


All concessions will be open and adequately staffed during the Fair’s hours.

The concessionaire will use their designated space only; this space cannot be sublet or transferred to any other person, firm or organization.

Non alcoholic beverages will be served out of approved Big E Coca-Cola cups. No plastic cups with food concession name or logo can be used. No refillable cups may be offered or used following Board of Health regulations.

Food preparation staff should always remove plastic gloves when handling cash and put on new plastic gloves after handling cash.

The Fair auditors will make periodic, unscheduled on-site visits in order to verify sales.

All seating on the grounds is intended for all fair guests. No signage with your concession name will be allowed outside of your seating area.

CREDENTIALS: Complete the card included in your packet and return with your signed contract; if not, your exhibitor packet will not be available when you check in and you will be required to pick up your credentials at a later date. Credentials issued to you under your contractual agreement are for personnel who will be working in your booth and MAY NOT BE SOLD OR TRANSFERRED. Please advise all personnel of this matter since it will not be taken lightly by the Exposition if any exhibitor, concessionaire, or employee is caught selling credentials or exhibitor tickets. First offense will require an explanation to Exposition Management. If a second offense occurs, you will not be invited to return. Any person leaving the grounds during the day may have their hand stamped for readmission. The Eastern States Exposition is not responsible for credentials that are lost, stolen, or damaged.

DELIVERIES PRIOR TO THE FAIR – DIRECTLY TO YOUR BOOTH: All vehicles must enter Gate 1 and follow the one-way traffic pattern. Please off-load vehicles promptly and have delivery vehicles exit the roadways. Vehicles may park in Lot 1 during the day; however, no vehicles should be left overnight. If a forklift is needed, please schedule at the show office in the Better Living Center or email us.

Certain delivery services, including UPS, FedEx, Airborne, DHL, will only make deliveries to a central location. ESE, as a service to exhibitors, will operate a Package Pickup Area in Lot 8 (near the Giant Slide). No deliveries will be accepted upon which there are charges due. Please check with the Package Pickup area daily since this is not a storage area. ESE will not deliver packages to exhibitors’ booths. If you would like to make arrangements for delivery, Special Event Rentals may be contacted for this service (508-757-3397). The Package Pickup Area will also be a central pickup location for overnight services. The Exposition is not liable for any loss or damage to property.

Package Pickup Area Hours prior to Fair: Sept. 11 – Sept. 14 – 8am to 5pm

All vehicles must enter Gate 1, between the hours of 7am and 9am. You must have a representative at your booth to sign for packages. Please make arrangements with your delivery service directly. Some carriers will only deliver to one central location on the grounds (i.e., UPS). All vehicles must be off the grounds by 9:30am, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Package Pickup Hours during the Fair:
1) Monday – Saturday — 7am – 5pm
2) Sundays (closed final Sunday, October 1) — 7am – 11am

Name of exhibitor – Booth Number and Location
C/O Eastern States Exposition
1305 Memorial Ave.
West Springfield, MA. 01089

DISPLAYS: Exhibitors are reminded that draped tables and/or pipe and drape are not acceptable.We require professionally built displays that include back and side hard walls, counters or display cases, indirect lighting, carpeting, professional signage etc. Outdoor exhibitors are not permitted to use shavings on the ground in their area during the Fair. Exhibitors are reminded to stay within their designated rented area and not have the display or personnel creeping out in public areas or in your neighbor’s area.

DUMPING: Nothing is allowed to be dumped down any storm drain. This is a violation of the Health Laws and Exposition Rules, and could result in the loss of your contract. The Department of Environmental Quality Engineers inspectors will be on the grounds to check for dumping. Violators will be subject to a substantial fine.

ELECTRIC SCOOTER RENTAL: For those who need a scooter for means of transportation throughout the Fair, they can rent a scooter at Gates 4 or 9A

ELECTRICAL CONNECTION: NO ELECTRICAL WORK SHALL BE PERFORMED ON THE ESE GROUNDS BY PERSONS OTHER THAN ESE LICENSED STAFF. Electrical tie-ins are made by ESE electricians only. Do not attempt to hook up your vehicle directly. All locations must be grounded. Per the electrical inspector or the Town of West Springfield, all exhibitors, when plugging into our outlets, must use an all rubberized extension cord (no home type extension cord may be used). The extension cord must meet OSHA specifications. It has been noted in our Safety Report that many outdoor extension cords do not comply with the National Electric Code as pertaining to proper cords, weatherproof sockets and properly coded cords. We will be checking to make sure all cords meet the standard. The electrical order form should be returned no later than June 24, 2016.

EMERGENCIES: In any emergency, the procedure is as follows:
1. Call security : 205-5253
2. Security then will dispatch the appropriate people.

ETHICAL PRACTICES: All operations must be confined to the space described on your agreement and not operated in the aisles and walkways.

EXHIBITOR TICKETS: Tickets may be purchased prior to and during the Fair. These tickets are sold in any quantity. The price for additional tickets is $7, which is $8 off the gate price. You may also purchase a 17-day pass for $40. Exhibitor tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.

FAIR DATES: Friday, September 15 – October 1, 2017

FAX MACHINE/PHOTO COPIER: Located in the Better Living Center office. If you need to send a fax, or receive one, and/or make copies, we will gladly accommodate you for a small fee.

FIRE REGULATIONS: Download PDF of Fire Regulations.

FIRST AID: First Aid is located across the street from the firehouse, on Hampton Ave. Call security at 413-205-5253 if you are in need of first aid.


GATE HOURS: 8am – 10pm

GOLF CARTS: Golf carts and similar type vehicles are not to be used for recreational purposes. Golf carts are not permitted on the grounds between the hours of 9:30am and 10:30 pm on weeknights and 11pm on weekends during Fair dates. Use of golf carts by unlicensed drivers is strictly prohibited.

GREASE DUMPSTER: We ask that you please use the grease dumpsters and/or grease barrels and not use our trash dumpsters for your grease. The trash dumpsters are for trash only. The locations of the various grease dumpsters and/or grease barrels will be listed and distributed in your packet upon your arrival in September. Failure to comply with proper disposal will result in a surcharge.

HOTELS: A list is available here.

HOURS OF OPERATIONS FOR OUTDOOR & INDOOR EXHIBITS: Outdoor & Indoor exhibits are required to be open from 10am to 10pm daily.

INSURANCE: For more information, please click here.

NOTICE OF CANCELLATION: This certificate must provide a thirty (30) day notice of cancellation or non-renewal to Eastern States Exposition.

LICENSE RULE FOR CONCESSIONAIRES: Concessionaires should have their license displayed in a public view, at all times during the Fair.

MAIL: All mail coming to you while at the Fair should be properly addressed as follows: Your Company Name, Location and Number, c/o Eastern States Exposition, 1305 Memorial Ave., West Springfield, MA. 01089.

MICROPHONE USE: The use of microphones to present your product is a privilege extended by Exposition management. According to the agreement, “Sound devices cannot be used without special written permission from the Exposition.” Sound cannot emanate from the confines of your exhibit space. We have received many complaints about the volume of noise in the Better Living Center and Young Building. If we find that your sound is too loud you will receive a verbal request to turn it down. The second infraction will result in a written notification and the third infraction will require loss of your privilege to use voice enhancement equipment.

REMINDER: There will be no electricians on duty the two Sundays prior to the Fair. There will be no one available to “hook up” your concession or campers if you arrive on those days.

Fluorescent bulbs are now considered hazardous waste and cannot be disposed of on our grounds. Please do not place these (in any manner) in trash barrels or compactors or open dumpsters. You will need to take them off the grounds for disposal.

For concessionaires, it would be most helpful to have advanced notice of your arrival on the grounds. Please email, fax (413-787-0127) until August 12, 2017 then (413-205-5267) from August 13 – October 4, 2017 or call Darlene at 413-205-5019 so that she can schedule your arrival time. We believe this will greatly help with electricians and electrical hook up. We need information about your concession trailer arrival and camper if camping on our grounds.

We are asking you to take all of your trash with you at the conclusion of the Fair when moving out. Each fair we find numerous amounts of items left on the grounds and especially annoying are the number of old tires left. If we observe that trash has been left in your rented area (no matter what it is) you will be charged with removal. So please take everything with you including plants, mulch, straw bails, etc. Another alternative would be to use any of the 20 dumpsters located throughout the grounds. If you would like to locate a dumpster, please check with the show office.

We anticipate your cooperation in the matter and thank you for helping out.

NON-SMOKING POLICY: Over recent years, the attitude of the general public towards the health consequences of cigarette smoking have shifted and public facilities, like the Exposition, are rapidly adopting non-smoking policies to meet these demands. Complaints by those who do not smoke, but who are subjected to the inhalation of smoke from others’ cigarettes, have grown tremendously. We respect an individual’s right to smoke, but also recognize the importance of maintaining a clean breathing area for the many that are allergic to smoke. Therefore, we have designated all buildings on the Eastern States Exposition Grounds as NON-SMOKING areas. We hope you will agree that this policy is in the best interest of our visiting public and ask you to fully support our efforts.

PERSONNEL: Be sure to notify all your personnel to be on the grounds early on Saturdays and Sundays. Our parking lots are often closed around 9am and it is very difficult to find parking in the afternoon.

PHOTO IDS: All exhibitors in the Better Living Center/Young Building/ and Carriage House are asked to wear their photo ID badges during set-up and when entering the buildings prior to public opening. This will enable security personnel to monitor exhibitors who are in the building prior to opening and after closing by making sure you are in your respective area.

PLACEMENT AND OPERATION OF EXHIBITS: All exhibits must be properly placed before 8pm the night before the show. The Exposition may exclude any exhibit or part of exhibit not ready and in place at the time and date mentioned. During the official open hours of each day (10am – 10pm) all exhibits must be open to the public and in the charge of a competent attendant.


PRODUCTS: The product(s) listed on your agreement to exhibit are the only product(s) you will be allowed to sell during the Fair. If you desire to modify this product listing, please write to us with the specific changes. No Exhibit/Concession shall be considered “EXCLUSIVE” unless so stipulated in the license.

PRODUCT PURCHASE: Refund, Return & Cancellation Policies
Massachusetts law requires that a merchant clearly and conspicuously disclose the store’s refund, return or cancellation policy. A merchant cannot misrepresent the store’s policy or fail to honor it. Generally, clear and conspicuous disclosure means that the merchant must display a written return policy that the buyer can see and understand before the purchase is made. As long as the product is not defective, a merchant can choose any return policy, provided the merchant discloses this policy to the buyer before the purchase. Stating the policy on the receipt will not satisfy this disclosure requirement, because it is not provided until after the sale.
(M.G.L. c. 93A, ?2(c), 940 CMR 3.13(2).

PROHIBITED PRODUCTS: The following products are prohibited for sale or distribution on the Fairgrounds: explosives, ammunition, black powder, fireworks (including smoke bombs, stink bombs, sparklers), pepper spray; and/or items which resemble explosive items, such as hand grenades.

PROPANE AND CO2 TANKS: All high-pressure containers, including propane and CO2 tanks, etc., need to be secured on all concession trailers, motor homes, and trailers. We recommend that all tanks be chained into location.

PURVEYORS: Big E Concessionaires may purchase product from any supplier they choose. If you wish to accept deliveries during the Fair, your supplier must apply with the Sales Office for the proper credentials prior to July 13, 2016. If your supplier does not complete the proper application, you will need to arrange to meet them off the grounds. All delivery trucks must be off the grounds by 9:30am during the Fair. Vehicles will not be allowed on the grounds after 9am.

Ice must be purchased from Rondeau.

Coca-Cola is the official soft drink provider of the ESE. All soft beverages, including water, must be purchased from Coca-Cola.

RECYCLING PROGRAM: The Exposition has instituted a recycling program and would appreciate your cooperation in helping us with this program. When setting up and dismantling, please separate cardboard, wood and rubbish into individual piles and leave outside your area. Our maintenance crew will do the pickup. As in the past, all cardboard boxes are to be flattened. During fairtime, please continue to separate the cardboard and rubbish.

REPORTING PROCEDURE FOR CONCESSIONAIRES ONLY: Beginning Saturday, September 16, please report your Daily Sales figures to the Concessionaire’s Payment Office located on the second floor of the Hampden County Building between 8:30am and 11am. Enter the door that faces the Gate 3 parking lot and Fire Department. If you fail to report the prior day percentage figures between 8:30 and 11 of the following morning, the Sales Department will be notified and you will be visited by a representative of the Sales Department to determine the reason that the reporting did not happen.

Alternatives to reporting numbers in person are:

1. Call in your numbers to 205-5242. If you call in the number you must include on the recording your location number, name of concession, gross sales and date and day of sales being reported.

2. Dropping off the sale report sheet to the Show Office In the Better Living Center.

If you have done option 1 for reporting, please keep in mind that at some point during the day of reporting we will need the actual report sheet for our records.

Failure to report your figures in a timely manner may cause the Exposition to close an exhibitor or concessionaire for selling for the day.

Your sales figures MUST BE REPORTED DAILY. This daily report is part of your agreement to participate at the 2017 BIG E.

1) the first Monday, September 18, payment is due for sales from September 15-17
2) the second Monday, September 25, payment is due for sales from September 18- 24
3) Monday following the Fair, October 2, payment is due for sales from September 25 – October 1.

In addition, if you are planning to leave Sunday, Oct. 1, after the closing of the Fair (after 10pm) your account MUST be paid in full before you leave the grounds. The Hampden County Offices will be open until 11pm.

If it is more convenient for you to pay your percentage daily, please feel free to do so.

PLEASE NOTE: Your electrical service will not be disconnected until you have paid all percentages payments due for the Fair. A late fee will be charges for those concessionaires who repeatedly do not report or pay on schedule.

RUBBISH COLLECTION: All rubbish collections will be made after 10pm nightly. All rubbish must be bagged and in an area where it can be reached by the collectors. ALL CARDBOARD BOXES MUST BE BROKEN DOWN AND PUT INTO PILES NEXT TO YOUR RUBBISH.

SCALES: Must be set up 24 hours prior to show opening for inspection. All scales must be licensed by the Commerce of Massachusetts.

SECURITY: Security is located in the Hampden County Building on Hampton Ave and can be reached at 413- 205-5253. Click here to view a map of the grounds.

SHEDS: Merchandise which is hung outside on the sheds (in Storrowton) should be displayed in an appropriate and attractive manner. The Exposition Management has the right to require a concessionaire and/or exhibitor to remove any items that are considered inappropriate.

SHUTTLE: Shuttle buses will be available this year. Click here for a schedule, which will be available mid-August. All shuttle service this year will be to and from the Visitor Center at Gate 1.

SIGNAGE: As part of your display, please plan to make an appropriate SIGN with your company name on it. THE NAME MUST BE THE SAME AS ON YOUR AGREEMENT.Where signs are used, they must be neat and inoffensive and the Management has the right to require a concessionaire or exhibitor to remove any signs, which are considered undesirable. This will include any unprofessional handmade signs. It is our suggestion that you secure the services of a sign painter for adequate signage.

STICKERS: Distribution and use of stickers is not permitted anywhere on the grounds.

STORAGE: As in previous years, there will be dead storage available around the Better Living Center and in Lot 8. This year’s fee will be $125 for trailers up to 12', $175 for trailers 12'- 24', and $250 for trailers over 24'. These are assigned locations that require a sticker, so please be sure to register early.

TELEPHONE MESSAGES: WILL NOT BE TAKEN UNLESS THERE IS AN EMERGENCY. Refer to enclosed map for the location of pay telephones on the grounds.

TELEPHONE SERVICE: Please complete order form and return to ESE no later than July 24, 2017.

TRASH: Trash receptacles are placed for the use of the public in public areas. If you need trash receptacles other than in a public area, please provide your own or make arrangements through the office.

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