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Domino Sugar Cake Decorating

Domino Sugar Cake Decorating Competition

Division 28
Thursday, September 22, 2016
Entry Deadline is August 1

Please contact for late entry information.

Rules and Regulations & Entry Form
Online Entry

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Rules and Regulations

1. This competition is open to all cake decorators (beginners to masters), as well as culinary and cake decorating students.

2. Divisions are:
a. Youth, ages 7-11; ages 12-17,
b. Adult Non-Professionals: decorators who primarily decorate cakes as a hobby,
c. Adult Advanced/professional: those who sell their cakes and/or teach cake decorating.

3. Entry fee of $5 is nonrefundable. Limit of 1 entry.

4. Entries are due August 1. Late fee is $10 and late entries must be in by August 15.

5. Theme: The Big E

6. Cake base is to be no larger than 20″ X 20″. Maximum display area is 24″. Skirted tables will be provided.

7. Recipe must be submitted on a 8 X 10 paper and brought with cake, Not sent with entry form.

8. Entries are to be made with Domino Sugar (cake and frosting) – proof of purchase is required: A UPC from package or cash register receipt should be stapled to the back of your recipe. Do not send the UPC or cash register receipt with your entry form.

9. Layer cakes, tiered/stacked cakes or carved (3D) cakes will be accepted. Tiered cakes should have a minimum of three inches in height between tiers.

10. Entry MUST be sole work of the entrant. NO team entries will be accepted at this contest. Youth contestants may have assistance with baking and/or transporting their cake into the building, but all assembling and decorating must be done by the youth.

11. All sculpted cake entries must be made in real cake. No dummies may be used for sculpted cakes. Sculpted cakes and all decorations must be edible. Only cake boards and any necessary supports are allowed for inedible items.

12. 60% of your entry must be real cake.

13. Two in process photos must be included. The baker should not be included in the photo.

14. Dummy cakes may only be used for any non-sculpted cake but 60% must be real cake.

15. No moving parts are allowed.

16. Cakes may arrive between 8:30am and 9:30am via Door 2 of the New England Center.

17. Allow time to park and to transport your cake to the New England Center – consider bringing a wagon to easily move your cake through the crowds. Allow extra time to assemble or to make any last minute touches to your cake. Judging will begin at 10am. Cakes will not be received once judging has begun. Judging is closed to the public.

18. Cakes will be released between 5:00-6:00 pm. Cakes left after 6 pm will become the property of Eastern States Exposition.

19. Entries may be photographed and used by show sponsors for promotional purposes; the photos become the property of The Big E Cake Competition.

20. Special backdrops, table coverings, pictures or examples or advertising (business cards) are not allowed.

21. The superintendents and/or judges reserve the right to reclassify an entry if necessary, and to refuse an entry deemed in poor taste.

22. The decisions of the judges are FINAL. Judges may not enter any division, nor judge a division where they know a cake exhibitor.

23. Entries will be judged on originality, creativity, workmanship and degree of difficulty, artistic coordination and overall appearance.

24. Domino Sugar will sponsor a $50 award to the Best of Division and $50 award to Marketing Award winners. Respective judges will determine the winners of Domino Sugar Awards.

25. Eastern States Exposition will also award as follows:

  • First place winners receive $20 and an Eastern States Exposition ribbon
  • Second place winners will receive $17 and an Eastern States Exposition ribbon
  • Third place winners will receive $14 and an Eastern States Exposition ribbon
  • Fourth place winners will receive an Eastern States Exposition ribbon

26. All winners must sign a Domino Sugar recipe release form. All recipes become the property of Domino Sugar and Eastern States Exposition and may be edited, adapted, copyrighted, published and used for publicity, promotion and/or advertising at their discretion without compensation to the contestant.

27. Register online or mail completed form with payment to: Creative Arts Cake Decorating Competition, Eastern States Exposition, 1305 Memorial Ave, West Springfield MA 01089. A fax with credit card information may be sent to (413) 205-5104.

28. Due to exhibit space we will need to limit the entries. Entries will be accepted in the order in which they are received.

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