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Below is the information that is included in each packet. Entry forms must be fully completed. Please contact your state extension office or click here  for more information.

2014 Animal Health Regulations are not currently available. For more information on these regulations, please contact the State Of Massachusetts Department of Agriculture by clicking here.


Exhibitor Ticket Request Form [xls]

4-H Beef Packet 1

4-H Beef Packet 2

4-H Beef Heifer Record [xls] [pdf] Note: PDF does not have a save function.
4-H Beef Steer Record [xls] [pdf

4-H Dairy Packet 

    Click Here For Dairy Judging.

4-H Dairy Goat Packet

4-H Dog Packet

Glossary of Working Breeds [xls]

Guard Dogs and Guardian Dogs [pdf]

Iditarod - The Last Great Race Info [pdf]

Working Dog Events Info [pdf]

Working Dog Recommended Health Tests [pdf]

CHIC CHART by Health Issuses [xls]

Interesting Facts about the Working Breeds [pdf]

4-H Horse Packet

4-H Horse Form

4-H Horse Patterns - Updated 9/02/2014

4-H Horse Schedule

4-H Horse Show Program

Breeds                             Study Guide and Games
Circulatory System          Info        Game
Confirmation                    Info        Game
Digestive System            Info        Game
Disease                            Info        Table
Facilities Management  Info
Integument                       Info        Game
Management                    Guide and Games
Muscular System             Info        Game
Nutrition                             Info        Questions
Repoductive System       Info        Game
Respiratory System        Info        Game
Skeletal System               Info        Game
Tack Equipment              Info
Training                             Info 
Certified New England 4-H Horse Judge's list


4-H New England Center Packet

   Form [doc]

4-H Sheep Packet

4-H Participant Form- Please note that all participants must fill one out.  


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