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Wanted: Farm Manager at Norfolk County Agricultural High School

Starting date: July 1, 2016

General Statement of Duties: Plans, manages and coordinates field crop, all day-to-day farm operations and animal care of animals on campus. Assists in the physical labor of farm operations. Addresses campus security issues as they arise. Coordinates farm snow removal activities with the Director of Facilities. The farm manager position is identified as essential in weather and other emergencies.


  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively and in a caring, positive, constructive and cooperative manner with students, administrators, parents, volunteers and the public.
  • Must have and maintain impeccable moral standards and appearance.
  • Dependability in attendance, work ethic, consistent high quality work and productivity.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to work in close proximity of high school students.
  • Demonstrates confidentiality in personnel and student matters.
  • Ability to work independently as well as a team with other staff members.
  • Be a role model for students and the general public at large.
  • Must be neat and clean in appearance and personal habits.
  • Must posses a valid driver’s license and be willing to travel to workshops, meetings or other necessary functions.
  • Must work overtime as needed.


  • Considerable knowledge of livestock and field crop practices, including the proper use, care and maintenance of farm machinery and equipment.
  • Considerable experience, knowledge and ability in all phases of livestock and field crop operations.
  • Experience with supervising adults.
  • Ability to supervise adults and students and maintain effective working relationships with superiors and subordinates.
  •  Must show leadership, problem solving a business management ability.
  • Computer/technology skills are required in such areas as Microsoft Excel, Word, Adobe Photo Deluxe and the use of digital cameras.
  • Must be able to work all phases of the Animal Science Department and be flexible toward changes, which occur in the school.
  • Must be capable of keeping up to date, neat, and accurate records.
  • Ability to deal with the public effectively.
  • Must posses excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Must posses a valid driver’s license which may be required to operate vehicles or equipment utilized by the Animal Science Department for snow removal purposes.
  • Must be willing to work overtime as needed.
  • An Associate’s Degree in Animal Science or closely related field is preferred but not a requirement.

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